Monday, February 22, 2010

Easter Blog layouts

I've tried my hand at making a blog layout.
I have this great clip art for Easter from
Resale clipart and I wanted to be able to use it
for something besides my own blog.
These are the same design, just a little different coloring.
The top is a soft green with purples and blue and
the bottom is done in shades of purple.
The purple one does not come with a header, if you scroll
up and look at mine, all i have is my name.
Some blogs do not need a header, mine did.
I accomplished the look by using a rect. of the same color as my bg
and just added my name to it, then put it where the header should be.
These are made for a 19" screen, but feel free to resize if you have to.
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download hLinkere


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* Lee said...

These are GREAT!!!!!!! Thank you. :)

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