About Me.

Fri.. Feb 4th, 2011
I am disabled with spine damage, which means that my spine has been totally compressed whenmy disc ruptured.  This causes me to have certain degrees of numbness from my neck down to my toes.
I do not have the endurance while walking that I used to have so I use a power chair around my house.
We purchased a go-go for me, just a few weeks ago. I carry that in the back of my van.  It breaks apart in 4 pieces and enables me to go places on my own. 
I don't complain about my life now, I am better off than alot of other ppl and I could be bedridden.
I am a ct member for script writers, also for designers of scrap kits.  Its something I enjoy doing,
and this has enabled me to meet ppl from all over the world(just testing the new tabs)


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