Friday, May 8, 2009


You who know me, know that my son
shot himself in the head in Sept of 2008.
He suffered from depression and I now believe
that he was misdiagnosed and was bi-polar. He was
not given the help he needed and was taking
the wrong medication. This is why I joined this konvoy.
Depression hurts so many ppl, not just the ones who
are depressed, it hurts the wives and husbands, the
children. The family's and on and on. It hurts
mentally and physically. I pray every day that my
son is now at peace and not in pain anymore. If we can help
one person to seek medical help and get on the right meds,
then I'll feel like we've accomplished something.
I miss him more each day.

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Pattycakes said...

My heart goes out to you. I lost a son, but not to suicide, so I can only imagine your pain. Sending hugs. Thank you for sharing this neat alpha! :)

Farnham Arts said...

Thank you for sharing. I am a mother to a special needs daughter. We lift your family in our prayers. Bless You. gini

Debbie said...

Hi Alexe,

Thank you for sharing your experiences with your son. Depression is a terrible problem for many people (me included) and help is not always there. Thankfully it is better recognised these day.
My love and thoughts are with you and your wonderful family.
Angel blessing frae Scotland xxxx

KrisG said...

Thank you very much for the alpha. It's wonderful that an awareness kit was made for this terrible disease.... all of them. My family has been hit, as are lots of families, with these problems. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost a son... my heart goes out to you. My daughter has been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and refuses to take the meds... I'm soooo worried. Anyway, thank you.... fabulous kit.

Debb said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful alpha!! My heart goes out to you on the loss of your son! I have had my own issue of misdiagnosis, I was diagnosed as Bipolar when it was really PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)so I was on the wrong meds and they were what was making me act bipolar!! You & your family will be in my prayers!!

*A said...

Dearest Alexe, I came here following the Blog-train, and I could'nt but feel myself deeply touched about your Son. I know very well what depression is, what kind of incredible, unbearable pain is, because I too suffered, and I am still in psychiatric therapy.
Please, allow me just a small sentence from my own experience: Death - such a tragedy for a so-called "normal mind" - changes its meaning when you are depressed: you don't wish to die, you WANT from the deepest of your soul that the devouring pain you feel can disappear. Sometimes the pain grows so much to overwhelm you and...has to be stopped, no matter what price needs, because every price is lower than the pain. It is not very different than euthanasy, I believe. Death is a mercyful helper.

I perfectly know that you-Moter have your heart broken, but please, do not have doubts about the FACT that your Son is now into the smooth arms of the Quiet.
Whether this Quiet is God or anything else, I don't know, BUT I am absolutely sure that his pain went away from Him.

I am sure because I myself felt all that. And about death, I was just lucky: now I am better, but I perfectly remember all that nightmare, and the only question I ask myself is: HOW could I bear?

I guess your Son was more sensitive than me: how could He bear?

And please, allow me to tell you: I don't know about God, but each God, whatever religion is, is the God of Mercy. Whoever is in a deep suffering is in th highest part of God's heart.

A big hug from Italy


Christie said...

My heart broke for you when I read of your loss. I cannot imagine. I am so sorry for your loss. I pray that you and your family, including your son's wife and children, will somehow find comfort and strength in the arms of Christ. My heart truly does go out to you.

Love in Christ,

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