Thursday, January 7, 2010


Kolor'Scapez! Scraps has revamped our Konvoy. Come Join us!
We are seeking Scrappers of all kinds to participate.
Whether you be a kit maker, action writer, script writer, or anything in between.
Each Month we will be doing 1 Konvoy.
They will depart on the same day each month.
One Konvoy each Month will focus on an awareness Day for that Month.
We will not be showing full previews on blogs when the Konvoy's are Posted.
Instead we will be doing Sneak Peaks.
After all don't we all LOVE Surprise Goodies?
To become a participant in the Konvoy, please join our Konvoy Yahoo Group.
Once you join you will be given all information needed for the Konvoy's

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