Thursday, July 2, 2009

Blog Train will Roll on July 10th and the 25th

This months blog train (10th) is going to focus on

"Recognize & Celebrate Ability"

I am one of these ppl, I use a power chair and I now

have a lift on the back of my van, I have the ability to be mobile.

Before I had to wait on my husband to help me get around or I

had to rely on the places I went to have a scooter or chair.

Even then it was an iffy situation. Some places the chairs are broken,

or go so slow even I could walk faster than they do. The name of my

part of the blog train is " I am Special" this what I choose to call it.

Please check back on the tenth of the month for the blog roll.

1 comment:

rhonda said...

Alexe, thanks so much for what you do for "us"! You make me feel like I can do anything! God love and keep you!


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